Q: Is ScheduleWorks right for us?

A: While many businesses can benefit from the features found in ScheduleWorks, it has been designed particularly for those with complex scheduling needs. This especially applies to companies with part-time employees, as there tends to be more variation in their schedules than in those from full-time employees.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: ScheduleWorks is available free of charge. A future preimum version will require a low monthly subscription fee based on the number of users in a customer's organization.

Q: How can ScheduleWorks save us money?

A: The most direct type of savings exists in the form of reduced hours spent by managers on the scheduling process. ScheduleWorks allows managers to spend their time managing instead of personally putting the scheduling puzzle together.

Many customers consider ScheduleWorks' greatest value to be its positive impact on employee retention. Turnover among part-time employees is often very high, as is the expense of training new workers. ScheduleWorks enhances employees' overall work experience by allowing them to check their schedules from home, easily contact coworkers, and request time off without a hassle. Additionally, many employees report experiencing frustration at some time resulting from scheduling mistakes on the part of managers. ScheduleWorks won't forget if time off has been granted.

Q: What upcoming features can be expected?

A: The following are a few of the many new features in our development pipeline:

  • Widget to display an employee's current schedule
  • Time tracking via login, card swiping, and biometric scanning
  • Integration with payroll services
  • Additional parameters for setting schedule requirements such as load balancing and revenue percentages
  • Mobile device versions (e.g., iPhone)

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